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Tarot Reading: July

Space Clearing

Colour Therapy

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Tarot Reading for June

Spirit Guides


Archangels - Friends from beyond!

Readings with Gladys: Tarot Reading for April

Chakras: Energy centers in our body!

Smudging: The Sacred Practice of Cleansing

Crystals: Can they appear & disappear?

Readings with Gladys: Tarot Reading for April

Rainbow Children: The third generation Star Children who personify unconditional love!

Repeating Numbers

Raising Vibrations: How to raise the vibrations in your home and build your sanctuary!

Reading for February 2019

Crystal Children: The Healers

The Magic of Crystals: TOP 5 crystals for Abundance, Prosperity & Success!

Reading for February 2019: What is your life's purpose?

Ho'oponopono - The Art of Forgiveness

Visualisation - Using the mind to create everything you want in life!

Five Generations of Indigo Children - Do you often feel like you don't belong?

Reading with Gladys - Are you ready to reset & take on a New Year?

Basics of Healing: Indigo Children - The special souls here to save the world

Readings with Gladys: Tarot Reading for the month of December

Are you a Lightworker?

Tarot Reading for the month of November


Basics of Healing: Empaths

Readings with Gladys: Find out what's in store this October!

It's time for some emotional spring cleaning!

Is it time to plan a holiday? Find out in this week's card reading!

Weekly Tarot Reading: September 2nd Week

Weekly Tarot Reading: September 1st Week

Welcome to the world of Tarot

Weekly Tarot Reading - August 27th to September 2nd

Weekly Tarot Reading - August 20th to 26th

Reiki - What it is & How it works

Weekly Tarot Reading - August 6th to 12th

Tarot Reading - August

Weekly Tarot Reading - July 30th to August 5th

Crystals: What they are & How they work

Weekly Tarot Reading - July 23rd to 29th


Grounding: Daily Tips & Uses

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