Mixed Crystals Bracelet

₹ 175.00

The mixed bracelet has the following crystals: Lapis Lazuli enhances psychic abilities and stimulates spiritual enlightenment. It helps you contact your spirit guardians, and is great for strengthening relationships and even aids with self-expression. Lapis Lazuli also balances and harmonizes on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Amethyst helps in physical ailments, Emotional healing, Chakra balancing etc. Its one of the Master crystals. A strong antidote for intoxication, it helps heal issues, like headache, stress, insomnia etc. It has a tremendous spiritual value and is very good for meditations, as it impacts the crown chakra. It breaks long standing negative thoughts and life patterns. Carnelian helps stabilize and ground you in the present reality. It helps unlock creative energy and increases motivation and concentration. Carnelian also helps release fear and pain and promotes healing. Tiger’s Eye enhances psychic abilities and balances the lower chakras. It is also a talisman and protects you from ill-wishes and curses. It also helps balance the yin-yang energy. As the name suggests, Tiger’s Eye also helps heal the eyes and improve vision. Aventurine is a stone of prosperity. Green Aventurine is a harmonizer, all round healing stone. It brings balance and control back to things or situations that seem chaotic. It also helps settle negative thoughts and restores emotional calm. It is know as the giver of good health & good luck. This bracelet is free size with elastic.

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