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Reiki with Friends

Reiki With Friends offers a one-stop solution for all your spiritual needs! Begun in 2004 in Dubai, U.A.E. and currently operating out of Bangalore, India, RWF boasts a range of modalities including Reiki, Tarot, Crystal & Angel Therapy, SRT, Pendulum Dowsing, Mediumship, Space Clearing, and so much more! Reiki GM Gladys’ healing journey began when a Reiki book fell on her head and awakened her to the possibilities of the spiritual world! She has since trained across the globe with masters in Dubai, India, Europe, UK, and America, and works with clients from all walks of life in locations such as Australia, Canada, Germany, and Malaysia, among others. RWF currently offers healing, readings, and space clearings for homes, sites, and offices, and also provides courses and conducts workshops for Reiki (up to Grandmaster level), Angel and Crystal Therapy, Divination (Crystal Ball, Pendulum, Candle Light), Mediumship and Clairvoyance, Auras and Chakras, and Runes. RWF delivers both certified and non-certified courses, and offers free introductory sessions at various locations. Are you ready to go on a journey like no other? Then climb on board! Let’s see where this path of healing takes us!

Grand Master Gladys

Reiki is to Gladys what the apple was to Newton - it, quite literally, fell on her head! Except, it was in the form of a book. Her introduction to the spiritual world began in such a whimsical fashion, and she has since gone on to educate herself in as many modalities as she can get her hands - or rather, her energy! - on. She has trained with masters from all over the globe, including Dubai, India, Europe, the UK, and America, and eventually began her own healing practice called Reiki With Friends in Dubai in 2004, following which she has worked with clients in Australia, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, and many more! Her style of healing is an eclectic mix that reflects her diverse learning and experiences, and includes Reiki, Crystal and Angel Therapy, Tarot and oracle card readings, mediumship, divination, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Pendulum Dowsing, space clearing, and so much more!

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Reiki Healing

One of the gentlest of the healing arts, Reiki removes what is blocking you and helps you find healing on every level – mental, physical, and spiritual.

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Tarot Reading

What worries plague you? Let Tarot help you find the path you must choose! Whether it’s love, career, finances, or anything else, Tarot is the guide you need!

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Space Clearing

The spiritual equivalent of spring cleaning, Space Clearing revitalizes spaces – and people! – and opens you up to the abundance of positive, flowing energy!

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Our Team

Cynthia G: The visionary behind this site with a keen eye for design and photography, Cynthia is the creative force that manages our site. She currently handles Growth & Operations at RWF.

Jenifer G: A therapist by profession, Jenifer works a pen as well as she does complex theories. She handles social media management and content at RWF – that’s right, she wrote this too!

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